Jason (jcreed) wrote,

In the morning played some music with heather - the last chance I'll get for a few weeks due to vacations and such. It went well: I think I'm finally getting a feel for playing the Luckiest in E instead of the usual D, and we did Hope There's Someone and Long December and Tables & Chairs and New Slang. Fun stuff.

In the attach-Twelf-to-crazy-other-stuff department, lincoln3 showed me a prototype Twelf AIM bot. It very nearly worked. I expect it will soon earn a cherished place on my buddy list.

In the evening he, lambdacalculus, wjl and I converged in the clusters for Poster Party 200X, wherein we illustratored up some sweet posters, printed them on cfa-colorlaser with whatever remained of our $40/semester printing quota (at a cost of only $1.50 per full color tabloid sheet, that means about 26 big-ass posters) and taped them up around campus. It was a fun time.
Tags: aim, art, music, poster party, posters, twelf

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