Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Today I ate a lot of food and talked to a lot of people. This trend seems likely to continue.

People talked to:

  • lincoln3
  • lambdacalculus
  • taoflaherty
  • gf2e
  • to a lesser extent, raphaelflaherty, since his vocabulary consists almost entirely of /ɛː/. (However, he is an extremely cute baby when not trying to chew on my laptop power cord or spew spittly cookie bits on me.)
  • Sean again, this time tramping through the jungle of twelf with, if you will, a big-ass machete, %reduce-in' this, %totality-checkin' that.
  • wjl
  • Kevin Bierhoff, who informed us that "Freundster" is not in fact a valid German word. He is German; He should know!

Food eaten:

  • Pizza Roma (the erstwhile Sorrento's Pizza; I surmise the Roman food empire has now secured the entire Italian peninsula, and it is only a matter of time before all european and north african restaurants have "Roma" in their name, and subsequently we'll get "Pizza Byzantium" or somethin')
  • Union Grill
  • Soon: PDC
Tags: food, social

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