Jason (jcreed) wrote,

It seems these days Peter Suber (whom you may know as the inventor of Nomic or the author of The Case of the Speluncean Explorers or the co-editor of and contributor to Self-Reference: Reflections on Reflexivity) is working towards "open access to scientific and scholarly research literature," which I take to mean as something like "a bright future full of free and searchable online academic journals without shitty DRM". As I am told it is said in the vernacular of our times, "woot".

Also Alias is becoming more batshit insane with each passing episode. Relationships forming! Relationships imploding! Spies acting like normal folk! Normal folk acting like spies! Secrets revealed! Quentin Tarantino guest-starring as "that guy that Quentin Tarantino plays"! I love it.
Tags: alias, nomic, suber, television

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