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Played music with heather this morning; I had a pretty shaky time of it, but they can't all be good days. It'll be better next time.

Had some brunch-like food at Ritter's, and met up with sally at filmmaker's on Melwood for even more three rivers film festival, uh, goodness. It was supposed to be goodness, anyway, but "Das Bus" was intensely disappointing. It was ambling and plotless, qualities that I am all too ready to forgive in (particularly independent) films, but instead of merely being boring, it was full of, essentially, ill-conceived music videos for songs you've never heard of in all genres you are sure not to like. The rest of it was interviews with bus drivers relating occasionally funny anecdotes. What do these things have to do with one another? Your guess is as good as mine.

Here is one of the good anecdotes, to save you the trouble of seeing the movie. They are interviewing a black bus driver who was one of the very first group of black bus drivers ever hired in Kansas City. He is talking about a time his supervisor rode along with him one day to see how he was getting along. The driver, Ray, pulls up to a stop, where there is a white woman. She gets on, takes one look at the driver, and gets off, saying "I'm not gonna ride a bus with no colored operator!" Ray waits for her to get off, closes the door, and keeps going. His supervisor asks him, "Ray, did that bother you?" Ray says, "no sir." His supervisor says, "And why not?" Ray says, "'cause I know she's gonna be waiting there for another whole hour".

Anyway later to take the bad taste out of our mouths we went and saw a "real" movie, "Everything Is Illuminated", which I absolutely recommend. It is brilliant. The plot is a bit confusing, (but still engaging) and the characters are great, the comedy is great, the heart-wrenching drama is great, and the music is fantastic. Folk music in 5/4, y'all. These people sure have my number.
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