Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Lunch with tom7, during which highly important ideas for the future of education in Western society were developed. By which I mean tom had some actually interesting ideas and I found the word "crapversity" highly amusing. If only I could turn "finding things highly amusing" into a marketable skill...

Went and saw the Three Rivers Film Festival 100th anniversary recreation of the first Nickelodeon thingy with madmadammim. You actually paid 5 cents and got to see a bunch of old silent movie shorts, with a guy playing piano down front. The first was "The Great Train Robbery", and there were some other good ones too. I had no idea people did paint-right-on-the-film trickery to get color effects back then! It was pretty cool. The gunshots and explosions were all awesome bright red, and the scandalous dancing women had yellow or purple dresses that sometimes exposed an inch or so of stocking.

Did some twelf hacking, cracked open an emacs buffer with my old redundancy elimination paper, played some music, did some more sketching in the library, did a little NaNoWriMo (up to just a little over 4k words, way behind schedule) --- a nice full day.
Tags: movies, music, social, work

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