Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had an okay day - work, advisor meeting, piano, random things. Wandered off to the airport on the flimsy excuse of providing some company in chrisamaphone's mission of encountering her friend x13xgreen there. Later I (jokingly) proposed the standard sort of stupid-joke proposal of marriage (Celine not Chris) on account of she had never heard of "oh noes". C'mon, people. If that kind of innocence doesn't make a person irresistibly pure and holy, I don't know what does.

And now in the following paragraph I briefly return to serious-land.

Checked out all the "capture the flag with stuff" goings-on, said hi to damion and whitemage who appeared from distant lands but the usual "oh shit crowds of people, must FLEE" instinct kicked in, so I went to mudge to play piano a little more but there was this girl already there who was just wretchedly, depressingly good. We chatted a little bit, but the bulk of the conversation was silent, and only in my head, and it went mostly like "AUGUAUGHAGHGHAHGHAHGAHGAUGHGHGHG". Listen, those of you who have heard me play, I can already tell you that you can shut up with your "oh, but jason, you're pretty good at piano, don't feel bad", because you didn't hear her play. She zipped off before I could get her name.

My ego does have the consolation that I can improvise pretty decently, and these astonishingly-well classically trained musicians seem to not commonly (e.g. the one I met) be able to do that, like, at all. But god, some of them can play and compose like nobody's business.
Tags: music, social, work

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