Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Worked a bunch in the morning, went to class, got lunch with cdinwood, attempted to go climbing with her, (from my point of view partially to make up for lack of climbing yesterday on my usual night) but discovered the place actually isn't open until 5pm on weekdays, returned home, did some more work, went to CFA to jam with J and this Alison Decker character, which was pretty fun, and I learned a couple new tunes, dicked around on the internet for an hour, went to D's, which was very pleasant, saw spoons and steve and laura and heather and sproul and adam and susan and I feel like I'm forgetting someone but anyway we played the brilliant "do you want to buy a duck" game which dr4b taught me about long ago, and I had half-forgotten about it, but independently adam had just heard about it from his improvisational acting class.

Now: sleep, glorious sleep.
Tags: classes, climbing, food, music, social, work

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