Jason (jcreed) wrote,

You may have noticed, on the internet, that there are things you read, and things you oughn't read. This distinction shows up all over. For instance, take Slashdot. Slashdot is the thing you read. The articles, I mean. The comments are the things you oughtn't. (but for the moderation system, so I'm told) Fark, you follow the links and read those things. The forums: they aren't really worth it. There are plenty of web comics. They are things you read. The inevitable discussion forums that lie behind them, dwelling in shadows --- these pretty much always fall into the category Things that Man was Not Meant to Trespass Upon, often as not written in the eldritch language of ZOMG and ROFLTHULHU.

Except for the Achewood forums. I make a special exception for them. They are sometimes about as hilarious as the strip itself. The deft use of semicolon in this post cracks me up. The writing reminds me of keithlard's somehow.
Tags: comics, funny

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