Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had an advisor meeting. Kind of mumbled over the twelf I've got so far. I'm at about 600 lines, and I'm just barely getting to the interesting stuff. Already it's kind of hard going. We'll see if I can slog through it.

Climbing was pretty awesome tonight. I did three V1s I had never done before and made some progress on a V1/2. Also after an hour and a half I wasn't totally exhausted; one of the newly-done V1s I did at about an hour and fifteen minutes in. Basically I am learning to pace myself better, but also I think I'm getting a little more endurance. There's one nasty V1 with a huge leap in it that I am getting closer to being able to do. I practiced jumping from a slightly different position than the course actually affords, and a couple of times I was able to hang on, although I couldn't do much after that.

I am now drinking 1% milk and eating cookies. I would have got 2%, because that's what I normally drink, but all whole foods had was the 1%. Drinking 1% is very weird. It's not like skim, which I can taste as being skim milk, but I drink it and it seems... vaguely unsatisfying. Like it has a negative aftertaste. I'm sure I drank something, but all the flavor disappears before I can tell what it is.
Tags: climbing, food, work

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