Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Woke up early for some reason this morning, read some random stuff at the library.

Had lunch with tom7.

Not exactly sure how the early afternoon got wasted, but it certainly did for the most part. Thought a bit more about how to twelf up this proof. Finished Calvino's "Six Memos for the New Millenium", which began good and ended amazing. Not only could you read into his (c.1985-6) comments a prescient yearning for --- basically --- Wikipedia, but it's just stunningly solid writing throughout. Not sure if I mentioned finishing "Five hundred years of book design" but I did that recently also. Good stuff.

Went climbing in the evening. Did a V1 I hadn't done before (I think I've done at least one new V1 every week for a few weeks now; not too bad progress, I figure, since the first V1 I ever successfully got was just taken down some time since last week) and I was making some pretty decent headway on an easyish V1/2, but for the fact that I was pretty tired by then.

Walked from Penn and Braddock to Forbes and Braddock to Forbes and Dallas. Caught a bus at Dallas down to Squirrel Hill, hung out at Barnes and Noble's a bit. Bought a coffee-table book that is simultaneously kind of a history of europe from the french revolution on, and a history of poster design during the same period. Took another bus down to the waterfront, had some Steak 'n' Shake. Walked back from the Waterfront to Forbes and Murry, felt pretty exhausted. Took the bus back to campus and walked home.
Tags: books, climbing, food, morning, social, walking

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