Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Still haven't got this proof, quite. Grr.

Saw "Howl's Moving Castle" at McConomy. Pretty good; a lot of terrific visuals, a lot of cute comic relief, but the ending was just too much weird-Miyazaki-logic for my brain to handle. And Howl was just too creepily bishounen. But the animation of the Castle, oh man. The way it moved was like something out of Terry Gilliam's wildest dreams: that great Monty-Python-era chunky-jerky paper-cutout sort of feel, but each bit of it was rendered as lushly as anything else in Miyazaki's universe.

Read this interview with Ryan North, author of Dinosaur Comics. It reminded me that these three comics are utterly brilliant. WE'LL BE LIKE     "HELLO T-REX"
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