Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had an advisor meeting wherein my advisor did not shoot down my proof, but did provide some suggestions for making it less ugly. That is a good kind of meeting!

I finally made a webpage with a bunch of fonts I made that includes more recent things like Fallacy and Nelf. I really need to finish Larson and Identity Theft; both got very close to at least having all alphabetic characters, but never made it.

Incidentally, my test run checking whether run-it-through-the-dryer-first is a valid heat-setting method for screenprinting ink came out positive; my badly inked yellow-on-blue wean shirt is not visibly more underinked after one wash than before, unlike the Raja shirt, which I forgot to set, which almost completely faded after one wash. Hooray! So, things to do before Tuesday:

  • Choose a better color of shirt
  • Buy some shirts at Gabe's
  • Revise the design to not suck as much
Tags: fonts, printmaking, work

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