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[Sep. 20th, 2005|11:59 pm]
[Tags|, ]

More screenprinting stuff up at the same place as before! It's T-shirts this time instead of paper prints, and random stuff instead of new buildings. I'm practicing for a hypothetical larger print run of some T-shirt next week. Both martinivixen and lincoln3 showed up to kindly keep me company and to shuttle car-less ol' me around. I included pictures of their prints in the historical record. Also taco bell afterwards with lincoln3, yum.

[User Picture]From: lingboy
2005-09-21 05:31 am (UTC)
I'm inspired. I want to make my own t-shirts with my own silly puns on them too.
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[User Picture]From: krasnoludek
2005-09-21 05:22 pm (UTC)
I think they already have "Cunning Linguist" t-shirts on the market.
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From: lincoln3
2005-09-21 03:02 pm (UTC)
Holy cow! Your white balance is insane
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[User Picture]From: jcreed
2005-09-22 05:32 pm (UTC)
yes my choices were "auto" "cloudy" "tungsten" and "insane"
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