Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Started Calvino's "Cosmicomics", on recommendation of denorae, who I think got me into Calvino in the first place by loaning me "Invisible Cities" way back when. I might have discovered him later via other Oulipo authors I've read (Queneau, Benabou) but I'm really glad I found him somehow. Cosmicomics is already totally great; it reminds me a lot of Lem in being in that lovely, fresh, and undercrowded valley between the noisy peak of science fiction and the dusty old hills of fairy-tales. Except if you read Lem's essays on writing, he sounds like a cantankerous old introverted snob, and if you read Calvino's, he sounds like someone you long to know, to meet; someone you wish was your uncle; a natural teacher and storyteller full of joy; a lover of words and an eager promulgator of his word-love.
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