Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I made a page about my recent printmaking exploits. I've got most of my stuff ready for tomorrow, too; I did the lettering and half of the design yesterday evening, and I finished up the main body of the design today. Also I bought some yellow ink, since I wanted to make tannish brown; but by now I have collected red, yellow, blue, white, and black so I am chromnipotent. I just need to fix up the trapping a bit, and I figure I'll do that tomorrow afternoon after I get done with real work for the day.

Speaking of which, I am getting might stuck on this proof. I came up with this one approach which totally destroyed a problem I thought was hard --- relating the more algebraic presentation of the bunched additive implication to the more modal presentation of it. The approach is very simple once you get it going; all the action happens inside the logic itself, and you just turn the crank of cut elimination to do the heavy lifting. But then I slowly realized the ostensibly easy, already solved problem --- relating the classical modal calculus to the intuitionistic one --- is still very hard in this setting. Grr.
Tags: math, printmaking, web, work

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