Jason (jcreed) wrote,

We slowly came to realize that the whiteboards newly added to wean 4623 (the classroom where the compilers course is) were taken from the recently decomissioned undergraduate cs lounge. The first clue was a diagram still on it that someone recognized as familiar from one of their friends' work. The second clue was an explicit reference to the cslounge on the other board. But there was pretty much no doubt remaining by the time Karl raised the projection screen to reveal:
"I wonder if that got the 4-bit boobies in the background" --mrwright

Ah, cslounge.

Some further wisdom (by which I mean "funny quotes from class not meant to be taken seriously, and not guaranteed to be error-free") from Crary:
"I like deBruijn* more than I used to...
Actually, deBruijn is a guy, I know him...
Actually, I don't like him..."

*meaning "deBruijn-style nameless lambda terms"
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