Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Went to ye olde printmaking joint again. New things this time around:

  • Discovered the Graphic Styles feature in Illustrator, which made testing different color schemes and also making the final separations much, much easier. The key is to Alt-drag one swatch onto another in order to achieve the p := !q effect desired. Another hint (here unused and unrelated but quite useful in general) via tom7radar: if you are on a windows machine and you want to install fonts in the Windows/Fonts directory but are not allowed to, simply download the font file and double-click on it. Leave the "font preview" window open and start some program like illustrator. That font is "temporarily installed", and available for use!
  • Photocopied onto the transparency at Kinko's instead of the CS department copier. This is both ethically better (since I'm spending the $3.21 out of my own pocket for my own project rather than using department resources) and also the result was vastly superior. No streaking or fade-out, even though I had many big areas of solid black. I think I'm-a just go buy a whole little box of transparencies and use kinko's from now on. The cost is pretty reasonable for how good it turns out.
  • Tried printing with three colors instead of two: much harder to get registration right, much harder to get a single print where at least one color wasn't under- or overinked. Still I like the increased variety.
  • Mixed my own colors instead of using whatever was lying around the studio. I'm very happy with the lightest blue. It doesn't look that great in the photo, but on the actual print it has that beautiful dry, quiet, hinty off-white quality that lies just outside the gamut of computer screens and teevees but fits snugly inside what ink on paper likes to do.
  • Overprinting the medium blue of the main part of the building over the light blue bands that were meant to fill in the top half of every window (notice how in actuality it gets the middle or bottom). Didn't get me exactly the effect that I wanted, but I think it's much better than how the alternative (totally disjoint color separations) would have looked given how sloppy my registration is.
  • Flyin' solo this time; I essentially only checked that it was okay to go ahead and burn my screens by myself, and apart from that I didn't have to bug the woman that works there for anything. Result: totally fucked up three whole screens, of course. Since I did them all at once and made the same mistake on all of them, which was putting the transparency on top of the screen while exposing it, not underneath. But then I realized my mistake and did three more screens just fine, and no-one was the wiser.

Final outcome:

And a shoddy panorama of my bedroom wall's growing collection of prints of various provenance:

Far right two are my early non-photographic-emulsion basement hack jobs, left from that is a print madmadammim made at her job at the children's museum, and left again from that is an extremely nice professional looking print from a favorite artist of mine, Hope Larson (hopelarson). Left of Wean is one Jen made two weeks ago, an instantiation of a classic cynical single-panel comic. The text reads "The world is just/The world has some justice/The world is unjust"
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