Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Ugh, I'm sitting here watching August evaporate like so much... liquid at its boiling temperature.

Did the music thing with heather this morning. Making some good progress figuring out what to do with the Tracy Chapman blues tune and "Luckiest", and "High and Dry" came off solid this time.

After lunch tried to get some work done, but came to the unfortunate conclusion that all this work I've been plugging into getting the princeton suite to work may be for naught as far as getting a good benchmark is concerned --- it's actually a fabulously bad benchmark for my code so far since I don't know how to handle defined constants, and everything in the suite goes through a layer of definitions. So my code's performance on it: shit.

Time to jettison that plan and go back to just writing up the paper, I think.

Watched "Top Secret" in the evening with Jen and Sal; good times, great movie.
Tags: angst, movies, music, work

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