Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Played music with heather this morning. Tried a bunch of new songs; some really simple classic stuff like greensleeves and amazing grace, that Tracy Chapman blues song whose title may be something like "Gimme one Reason to Stay Here", and Ben Folds' "Luckiest". Did some stuff we've done a lot before like "Summertime" and "High and Dry". They're workin' out okay I think.

Hung out with madmadammim for a while, helped her install some MIDI drivers and fontforgify a T-shirt design she had sketched out. The result is this. (scroll down) I'm pretty happy with it actually, though the j is a bit gimpy and the "a"s aren't so well balanced with the rest weight- and contrast-wise. She has this friend Raja and I guess she wanted some T-shirts to indicate the informal membership of his fan club. The general idea was "Coca-Cola-logo-like scripty thing". She plans to try screenprinting them over at the PCA because allegedly they have some kind of open screenprinting studio on Tuesdays or something.

In the evening played Trivial Pursuit with the usual Covode gang. Jen won! It was fun times, though it went very long.
Tags: computers, fonts, music, social, trivial pursuit

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