Jason (jcreed) wrote,

The copy for Apple's "Mighty Mouse" confuses me. It mentions that you can use their product while, with the other hand, holding a cup of coffee, or, say, typing. To the right of the main splashy image, it says that scrolling in any of the four cardinal directions (perhaps more!) can be achieved "all in one hand". What I want to know is, where are the two-handed mice that this one is competing against? For that matter, where is the double-fisting button-chording foot-pedalling bucky-bitting eyeball-tracking motor-neuron-sensing ever-loving input device to end all input devices that lets me maximize my human-to-computer bandwidth at the cost of nothing less than my unswerving, rapier-sharp focus and the occupation of every available appendage?

'Cause I want one of those.
Tags: apple, mouse

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