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So now that I have an almost functioning prototype of my Crazy Javascript Project Prototype X, (i.e. a structural editor for a toy ML-like language) I have, of course, found that I still haven't found any better solution for how to not make it totally infuriating to use than all the structural-editor wonks back in the early 80s. Dammit. I still have this deep rumbling in my gut that, despite their practical awesomeness, the philosophical underpinnings of tools like Eclipse (namely the idea that program source code is essentially a text file) are wrong wrong wrong.

Just like me, I guess, to continue dwelling on the philosophical issues when they're totally at right angles (or perhaps at about 180 degrees) to anything that matters.

Fixed a bug in my real research code today, but my typechecker still pukes on declaration 2447 (out of about 13000) of the princeton twelf suite that I'm using as a benchmark.

Since livejournal and a private microwiki based on rjmccall's listen have largely taken over the diaristic function of the paper diaries I've been keeping since 1993 or so, I've begun to use the latter more for sketching random scenery during lunch and waiting for the bus and stuff. I've never exactly been a huge gob of natural draftsmanship, but the advice in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (a book I highly recommend, by the way) is starting to finally sink in. If you want to skip out on buying it, here are the main points as I see them:

  • When in doubt, draw negative spaces instead of the things you perceive as "objects".
  • In fact, try not to draw objects at all. Draw what your eyes see, not the symbolic things your left brain analyzes the image into. Don't draw a table, but rather move the pen according to the boundary between that big dark area (the table) and the big light area (the space that isn't the table)
  • Pay attention to what is above what, what is to the left or right of what.
  • Hold up the pen or pencil or whatever at arm's length to sight angles and relative sizes

Anyway, I actually managed a sketch of Bellefield Presbyterian that looks like a church, albeit a church with some sort of pituitary disorder.
Tags: drawing, javascript, programming, work

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