Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Possessed by the nagging feeling that I should leave some useful record to myself (and perhaps others) of my otherwise wasted day of librarial wandering, here's a minibibliography on unparsing and prettyprinting:

Derek Oppen, "Prettyprinting" in TOPLAS '80
John Hughes, "The Design of a Pretty-printing Library", in Advanced Functional Programming '95
Norman Ramsey, "Unparsing Expressions with Prefix and Postfix Operators", Software Practice and Experience '98

These three constitute a linear order as a subset of the directed citation graph. :) In another thread of work, there is

Olivier Danvy, "Functional Unparsing", BRICS tech report '98

which has a rather different meaning of "unparsing". The first three papers are about laying out code with indentation and parens and stuff — finding a one-sided inverse to parsing — whereas the Danvy paper is about coming up with a little language of combinators to simulate printf in a civilized way, suitable for languages that decline to admit such barbarisms with scarce questions and open arms.
Tags: bibliography, programming, unparsing

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