Jason (jcreed) wrote,

In my current, probably short-lived obsession with Sleater Kinney I found a couple of videos online. I was shocked to find that Corin Tucker had the screamy-shaking voice and Carrie Brownstein has the almost-saccharine microphone-intimate one. I totally would have thought (based on, I guess, no more information than their appearance) the opposite. Book by its cover, I guess.

I think I finally have a way of coping with constraint domain foreign constants in my compression code. I seriously need to start writing this shit up. There's a likely-looking conference to submit to with a september submission date. I looked over the current state of the last writeup I had worked on pertaining to it (apart from the LFM paper), nearly passed out with productivity-guilt when I saw the last-edit date on it was december 2003, recovered, found a few optimizations to the formalism I can get away with.
Tags: music, work
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