Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had a pretty good time at D's despite a light headache and a lot of noise. It is a good set of people with which one can talk about (a) random small-talk (b) math (c) relationships (d) life in general, all contained in a reasonably short period of time and accompanied by delicious fried foods.

Read the last chapter of Kuhn's "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions", which I had been meaning to get around to. Sitting at the bus stop having finished the Diamond and feeling like I needed to read something was good motivation. The last chapter raised more questions in my mind than the whole rest of the book put together. This was because he started talking about what it meant to be science or scientific, rather than simply making some plausible (though interesting) observations about how scientists have functioned in the past. All told the book totally did not live up to my hopes for it, in being a satisfactory response to the sort of "what the hell am I doing? what is science anyway?" questions he was reputed to have been asking himself as he completed grad school, the sort of questions that predicated his move from doing physics to studying the history and philosophy of science.
Tags: books, history, science, social

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