Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I got a bunch of work done, so predictably my advisor has fled the country. Well, actually I knew he was leaving the country. For the summer. But I forgot the exact date of his departure. Turns out it was today, the day of my weekly meeting.

Anyway, hopefully I won't be all ship-without-a-rudder for the summer with nobody to check on my progress. My black friday letter said I should have my current project finished and written up before the fall semester. Truth be told, I really am on track for meeting such a deadline. I just need to muster some focus.

Had a little meeting with Bob today, though, in which it was revealed that I actually did know some stuff about category theory that he didn't, and I was able to communicate it to him, and he seemed to find it helpful. Here's to ludicrous specialization in academia: making it all but certain that anyone knows a little something that the biggest names in even your sub-sub-sub-field might not have come across in their 40 years' wandering in the torrid deserts of SetsCop.
Tags: math, work

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