Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Chris Onstead is also like Mr. Tenured Freakin' President of Institute for Advanced University of Funny. Only if you don't actually follow Achewood, this strip may not make any sense.

This evening I went with Dan and Ivan to a trivia night sponsored by GSA and won a $15 Kiva Han gift certificate. I threw my weight behind several wrong answers early in the night, but I hopefully redeemed myself in the eyes of my teammates by getting the final tiebreaker question for the Science-and-Technology question right in the following way:

"Joseph Priestley wa---"
"---s the first to discover what gas?"

We walked back from the Strip to Oakland. It was a nice night out for a long walk, and there was some good graffiti on the way that I hadn't seen before, a little bit north-northeast of the intersection of craig and baum.
Tags: comics, social

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