Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I didn't do much useful today except get drawn into hacking on an SML port of "Mustard", a ridiculous 6502/2A03 threading/music framework. I alluded to it in this post last week. In reality, it is a matter of porting a collection of macros, some actual assembly code, and the assembler itself — replacing all of them with one SML program, (with data structure literals replacing parsed external files). Tom7 deserves credit for prodding me into doing this. I honestly can't remember if I had the idea independently of him. The program, as it turns out, is reasonably short, (especially if compared to the complexity of the original) still under a thousand lines and not showing signs of growing beyond that.

Current status is that I am no longer depending on the assembler to expand macros or even to assemble individual instructions. I'm only using it to compute labels and do arithmetic on them. Eliminating that is being slightly more annoying than I expected, (because of a precious few common instructions whose length depends on their arguments) but it'll probably be just one more afternoon's worth of free time whenever I can find one to grab. And then I will have a standalone program that can output NSFs!

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