Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I saw a band called "Akasia" last night at Kiva Han because Sally's coworker was dating the lead singer. They were really good live, so after only hearing the last three songs I threw $10 at one of their CDs --- it turns out I got a bunch of songs performed just by the lead singer. They're okay, but not really the same as the whole band sounded. The reason I got that one is it had the song "One Big Bean" on it, which was one of the three I heard live, and liked a lot. However, the CD version of that song is much more uptempo and I don't really care for it. Too bad.

Further thoughts: ugh, the guitar-playing is very nice, the songwriting is great musically, but I kind of hate all these lyrics, and I'm getting sick of his cigarette-smoky over-earnest voice.
Tags: music

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