Jason (jcreed) wrote,

My housemate found a torrent of a bootleg copy of Episode III, so we watched it. Much like the other two recent movies, the visuals were just fucking amazing and great, even through shitty encoding and compression and all. I definitely want to see this on the big screen.

Also like the other two recent movies, the dialogue was really second-rate in parts. Don't they screen these things in front of guinea pig audiences and notice when they wince? Or do they not wince? Or what? I don't get it. I think every scene with Anakin and Padme had a background level of horribleness that rose above the rest of the movie, and furthermore each such scene had at least one line that stood out painfully as particularly bad, even accounting for the fact that I was already resigned to listening to bad dialogue for a few minutes.

But I could live with that, really. The part that annoyed me was the "conversion" scene, arguably one of the few central moments in the entire Star Wars mythos, definitely the axis; the centroid; the Yggdrasil, if you will, about which this particular movie is situated. It was completely ridiculous. Anakin was unconvincing both before and after his clap-on-clap-off conversion from being selfish though confident in a machiavellian sort of way to being caricaturedly evil and submissive. Same with Palpatine's revelation of himself. I couldn't remotely take the scene seriously. If you're going to have a movie about someone's conflicted descent into evil, why make it so laughable? Why put in the toothless cackling of the emperor? Why make Anakin instantly kneeling and hollowly "yes, my lord" when a second before he was as manipulative as anyone else? Again, I don't get it.

On the plus side, the other major moment from the point of view of the iconography of the show, namely Anakin's actually becoming Darth Vader physically, all the surgery and putting shit on him and stuff --- that was handled fine. The first hooooooh haaaaaaah was a nice moment.

That's about all I remembered to say about it. It's, uh, full of a lot of sweet explosions and whoop-ass and you all probably don't need any encouragement to see it.
Tags: movies, star wars

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