Jason (jcreed) wrote,


I got started working on a face based on the lovely hand-lettering in Hope Larson's comic, "Salamander Dream". I'm very happy with the "e", but the rest of the letters I have right now (P,a,d,m,n,r) are a bit less polished. Sadly I don't have models for most of the majuscules, and there don't seem to be any examples for lowercase q or z either. I'll have to get along on guesswork.

I'm a big fan of the lettering style she uses, though. A mega-huge x-height, charmingly simple forms. Droopy little "a"s, a very symmetric "s" and "S", stems on the "b" and "d" that sneak below the baseline, bowls on many letters, especially the "b", "d", and "g", that seem --- I don't know to put it other than bouncy.
Tags: fonts
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