Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I finished reading Malcom Gladwell's book "Blink". It was very interesting, but his arguments and data seemed very sketchy in many places. A lot of his evidence was anecdotal, and much of remaining evidence was methodologically suspicious as experiments go. Still, a provocative set of ideas. Maybe he should have called it "Evolution invented machine learning before you punks did!" No. Not nearly as snappy.

I also read "Persepolis", the comic-book autobiography of Marjane Satrapi. Very good.

I dug up some of my old code from "Putt-Putt" a NES miniature golf game I made for sackofbob's NES-hacking StuCo class, and tried making an NSF out of the music. Amazingly, after following the file format described in Appendix A of this document, it worked the very first time! This surprised me because the NSF format (well, the "NESM" format, strictly speaking) has a rather different set of ideas about where the headers go and what the calling conventions are and how banks work and so on, relative to the ROM format. I made a couple of guesses along the way, but apparently I guessed right. I'm very grateful for nesasm having a -raw switch that suppresses the ordinary NES ROM format headers.

If you like chipper 8-bit music with badly over-mixed drum sounds, (and you've got an NSF player or plugin) check out wisconsincourse.nsf or download the source.
Tags: books, comics, music, nes
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