Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Today has been consumatopia.

I saw "Scotch on the Rocks", a production of four new one-act plays performed by CMU's drama-club-for-non-majors, "Scotch & Soda". psifenix's was otherworldly. It was so good. No offense to those who participated in its earlier, how you say, world premiere production a while ago (not least because I count myself in this group of people) but to see it actually done by people straight-up acting, and acting rather well at that, was astonishing. It was the 18th funniest thing involving a canary I have probably ever seen. What are the other 17? Classified.

You could read the play yourself, but it's not the same wissout ze ridiculous eccent.

Ram's play, I also liked a lot.

Afterwards I saw Hitchiker's with demoness101, iole200, lambdacalculus. Not the best movie ever, but it was much better than I expected from all of the panning it seemed to be getting. The fact that it has already seen so many plot-permutations across different media prepared me to accept any and all digressions from the book --- because, after all, who complains that the book wasn't faithful to the radio shows? Playing up the love story between Arthur and Trillian in particular was just fine with me, even as totally sappy as the ending was. Because, seriously, OMGOTP!!!!1 Zooey Deschanel was a good casting choice, too.
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