Jason (jcreed) wrote,

It's that time again

...when I have these involuntary little conversations with myself that go like so.

Self, maybe you ought to get you a girlfriend or something.
What kind of girl?
You know, like the kind of people you like in general.
At least --- think of those traits that show up in ones and twos among the people you admire.
Intellectually ambitious?
Artistically inclined?
Socially self-sufficient?
The sort of person that likes people well enough --- but relishes the company of ideas and words and books?
The kind of person who is too busy thinking and doing and making and generally trying to be awesome to ever bother wasting time meeting people?
Then how do I meet her?

Idealism is dumb sometimes.

I don't really think that actively and totally avoiding parties and social outlets and so forth is a good thing for anyone.

But, to a first approximation, I have a personality, which leads to certain priorities and habits, which correlates with my being kind of antisocial. And while it's dramatically untrue of some close friends, it seems not uncommon among the people that seem most like me --- and the most pleasant to be around in that kindred-spirit sort of way --- that they are kind of disinclined to go around making explicit effort to meet lots of new people.

I can't complain that I don't know how people ever meet people. I know perfectly well how they do. They go to parties, join fraternities, ballroom dance, hang out at bars and talk to strangers, join local sports clubs, take out personals ads. Except, for the most part (but not without exception) I kind of hate doing all those things, and when I force myself to do some of them, I find myself meeting people that like doing them, and I don't get those people.

How do the rest of us ever meet the rest of us?

Since I'm writing this at 1 in the morning I kind of expect to get answers that will make me feel stupid for asking, but whatever.
Tags: angst

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