Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So now that I'm feeling a bit more composed, let me tell y'all all the useful things I learned from my ER visit:

* ambulance took about 15 minutes to show up from the time of 911 call.
* tiny tray offered to contain my vomit, well, doesn't. Waiting room trash can worked better.
* IV needle didn't really hurt that much. (this was the first time I had ever had one)
* however, fluids delivered through it made my whole arm feel really cold. Especially the inside of my elbow.
* bubbles appearing in the IV fluid are not at all a problem, as much as it freaked me out to see them. It is true that major air bubbles in the bloodstream can cause heart problems, right? I guess my notion of how easily gasses dissolve in the bloodstream is overconservative.
* although the ambulance comes to pick you up, nobody is going to take you back home. I probably should have tried calling a taxi or something (since I didn't really want to bother friends-with-cars at 4am) but the Shadyside hospital wasn't really too far away from home to walk, and I was actually feeling pretty well at that time before the antinausea drug seemed to have worn off some hours later.
Tags: sickness

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