Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Finished watching all the Seinfeld DVDs. Sorely tempted to order season 3. Larry David is a very funny guy in the "behind the scenes" bits. Which I guess shouldn't be surprising, because he is, by design, a real-life version of George. The funniest bit (besides him sheepishly explaining how "The Deal" was based, like so many episodes, on actual events from his life) was him describing when the network decided to renew the show, after the second season, for 22 more episodes. Larry David had cowritten the pilot with no sitcom writing experience, felt that the first season (of only four episodes!) was terrifying enough but pulled it off, went nuts at the prospect of writing 13 for the second season, so much so that he pulled in (among other people) a random magazine writer whose material he thought was funny, and broke into tears when he heard he needed to do 22 more. I'm not sure why I find his angst so funny --- maybe it's the dissonance of what sounds like enviable success being instead so stressful.
Tags: seinfeld, television

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