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Went to a meeting I didn't understand much of. Went to lunch with lincoln3, discussed epistemology. Hacked away at profiling my typechecker. Discovered the "oh, well, I'll just take the easy way out and do the O(n) traversal of this list" was actually causing me a lot of pain. Thought about some of the generatingfunctionological stuff pertaining to the random graph project I was working on with platypuslord. Talked to Kleinberg about it for a half hour or so before class. Found a bug in one of my derivations. Still not entirely confident my normalization term is right, but eh. There's a Molloy and Reed (presumably no relation to me :P) paper I just read that says Σii(i-2)λi is the magic formula to determine whether a (hey, nightspore, here's a nice term-of-art for you:) "giant component" forms, where λi is the number of vertices with degree i. So that may simplify my life a bit. This being because that very well ought to be shoehornable into the generatingfunctions formalism in terms of partial derivatives with respect the the variable that counts half-edges in the model. Kleinberg-class was all about hubs and authorities and stuff. Great fun.

After class messed around on the piano for an hour or so. Haven't been in much of a good compositional mood lately, but I'm still enjoying just going through blues in various keys (G, C, A, D mostly, occasionally F, E, Bb) Autumn Leaves, Don't Get Around Much Anymore (I think I finally refound the right couple of transition chords going back to the head from the bridge) High & Dry, Angel Eyes, Karma Police, and Take Five.

Went climbing for the first time in a few weeks with cdinwood and zra42. My arms are all good and sore now. I don't think I did any V1s successfully this time, but there were a couple of clever grabs on V0s and V0+s here and there that were very satisfying.

After taking a 67F back to campus I caught a 69A over to squill and jogged down Murray towards the Starbucks at the bottom of it, thinking that I probably would miss all of Anna Vogelzang's (tplushdame) set, since the music supposedly started at 20:00 and I only got there at like 21:30. Thankfully the opening act must have took a while (or started late) since I got fully a half-hour of rockin'.

Now I'm back home and it's time for milk and cookies and early-90s sitcom on DVD.
Tags: climbing, kleinberg, music, piano, seinfeld

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