Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Don't know if I'm going to get around to getting
a network connection today. Maybe will release
ptkfonted tommorrow. Not sure whether I ought to
call it 0.13 or 0.2 --- I've put more changes
in than I expected to.

In any event, got some ptkfonted hacking done.
Menu shortcuts are cleaner now, and C-c, C-x,
C-v, Delete/BackSpace work in the canonial way.
Expanded the documentation a bit to cover
selections and stuff.

Finished Aczel's 'God's Equation' today.

Read 'The Phantom Toolbooth' for the nth time also.
Mmm, childhood nostalgia.

Fixed a bug in ptkboggle --- %seen_invalid_words wasn't
getting cleared each game.

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