Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Motherfucker. This collections agency is still calling me about the stupid electric bill that I PAID OFF NEARLY A MONTH AGO. Duquesne tells me they told the collections agency so. The collections agency tells me Duquesne has not. What the fuck. This is about to go on my credit report in the next couple of days, so I hope I can smack some sense into one or the other of these institutions tomorrow morning when they're actually answering their phone lines.


ETA: Antidote to stressful financial crap = more Carolyn Berk, thanks to fancybred. Some of her lyrics are a bit repetitive, (from song to song, but not as much within songs) but I still like the music a lot.
Beneath the clothes you wore to sleep
Was the softest voice that ever spoke to me,
Asking, "Are you warm under these sheets,"
And "Are you sure that you want me?"
(from "Seven Years" on "The Gutter and the Garden")
Tags: bills, music

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