Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Watched "The Andromeda Strain" with the generalists. A very interesting movie! The featurette interview with Michael Crichton was also interesting, just in hearing the story of someone who "gave up on" (his passion of) writing as a day job, since he figured he probably couldn't be among the few that managed to make a living off of it, pursued a medical career, and wound up being a professional writer anyway.

Also today is five-month guitarriversary. Not much extremely visible progress in the last month again. I think I'm still getting slowly better on scales and faster on chord movement in general. I'm still struggling with this Bm/F# (220202) that I want so badly to be able to play in the standard sort of G-Bm/F#-Em transition pattern to get from the I chord to the vi chord. I can certainly play it comfortably given enough time to make sure my fingers are all crowded into the right spot, but I can't reliably hit it in time. As for scales, I'm definitely better now at stretching either up or down from the "home row" of whatever four frets' position I happen to be in. My right hand is making slow but definite improvement at maintaining i-m alternation in the face of long-standing piano mental habits of thinking "different finger = different note" and, conversely, "same finger = same note". Not really any new songs except for a passing attempt at "Nature Boy". I'm playing a lot more of "I Will" lately to practice the G-Bm/F#-Em thing.
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