Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Oh, wow, was the musical get-together I was all excited about tremendously mediocre and unexciting. I'm not too bothered, though. I take this as a sign that at least one of my long-term, er, maturity-simulation projects is working, in that I'm successfully training myself to accept that it's quite all right even if an overwhelming proportion of relationship leads (be they social, romantic, musical, or anything else) don't pan out, and just move on after each --- I don't even mean to say "failure" as much as "absence of absurdly instant success" --- and keep looking for more opportunities.

I think what I'd be looking for if I wanted to play with a vocalist is more Janis Joplin than Natalie Cole, more bawling, screaming blues than sugary jazz. I like listening to the latter a lot, but it's a very, very different thing trying to play it and having adapt to another musician and not being able to totally run off on my own stylistic tangent.

Apart from that what this has taught me is that I don't think I have quite the accompanying skillz yet to handle the just piano-and-voice thing. With a bass and maybe drums enough space would be filled, but the piano styles I can muster are either full-on soloing or very sparse comping.
Tags: music, social

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