Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Released ptkfonted -- v0.2, I decided -- and Font::BDF v0.12.
Tiny little
fixes to it and ptkboggle. Slinged a bunch of stuff
back onto cantor, including the above and denmark.
Having a network connection is nice.

Oops, the freshmeat link I just submitted points to
ptkfonted-0.13.tar.gz. Damn.
Well, I'll symlink it over for now and fix it once it actually
appears on fm.

Initial code for 'coffee', a little spacewar clone.
Gravity and ship control work.

Hmm, maybe I should add a high-scores list to ptkboggle.
In the event of a perfect percentage score, (yeah, right)
time remaining can break ties.

Bought a Dover book on differential geometry, skimmed it.

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