Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Hoooo boy, hypochondriac dreams leaking into my waking thoughts this morning. Although it's very hard in these early-morning hours to think as reasonably as I can normally during the day. The nightmare menu includes (again) intestinal worms and this time dreaming a doctor's visit in which the doctor tells me the (actually very real) persistent but mild pain in my left foot I've (I repeat, actually) had for the last few months is (this is not actual, but the dreamed part) some sort of cancer and I have six months to live.

Maybe I should get this foot checked out, though. I kind of assumed it was due to my shoes being a little too small. My left foot is a little bigger than my right, and the pain started I think a while after I bought my current pair of shoes last summer/fall, and I knew they seems just a bit too small but the shoe store didn't have the next half-size up. But, you know, it's not really going away, though it's not getting much worse, either. It's just been coming and going for a while now.
Tags: morning, sickness

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