Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Straighten Up and Fly Right

Four or five hours of continuous work (well, just a pause in the middle for dinner) means I fixed one tremendously stupid bug, and at least located another which will either take a bit more hacking or persuading Frank to explain why Twelf isn't giving me η-long forms. My metric of success (number of TALT declarations successfully translated and typechecked in the new system) went up from 3278 to 4077 with two lines of code changed. And trivial lines at that; all they did was unpack an instantiated existential variable in a place where I neglegted to.

Today it is snowing, which is a little irritating, because I would really like it to be spring NOW PLEASE DAMMIT, but the hay bales on Frew Street look like nothing so much as giant frosted mini-wheats now, which I found very amusing.

Two days from now, if neither one of us is suddenly busy again and if we can hunt down a piano, a lovely and talented voice major name of Emily will be accompanying me on sultry old timey jazz standards. What? Oh, yes. I'll still remember you when I'm famous beyond all reason and prudence.

But seriously, I'm back in a pretty good state now. Besides tending towards "bustling downtown of mope city", livejournal's introduction of that extra punch of introspection into my life sometimes makes me realize things are going well.
Tags: music, weather, work

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