Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Whoops, spoke too soon. Apparently the iPod had just reached a bad state, and a reset fixed it. My mistake was following (what I now realize were) instructions for resetting a 3rd-gen or earlier iPod (hold down menu and play/pause buttons) rather than doing the right reset sequence for mine (hold down menu and middle button). I speculate that this is because the hardware on the click wheel model has a less easy time telling that two buttons on the wheel (especially on opposite ends of the wheel) are being pressed at once.

Anyway, it works fine now. Thanks again to catamorphism for recommending I go to the apple store, where it was an instantaneous fix, rather than having to send it in. Well, I did have to wait for one of the people working there to become free, but that wasn't very long. Although during the wait I became extremely afraid of becoming old and incapable of coping with the technology of, like, 2050, whatever it may be. This one 70-ish looking guy was there being completely stymied by the concept of "OSX update" and also those little tabbity things in his browser that let you hide or show certain toolbars.
Tags: computers

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