Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Wherein I continue My Torrid Love Affair With Chromatic Descending Chord Progressions

...and again curse western music notation for not capturing swing rhythm quite right in a way that a machine can reliably replicate. Oh well.

Not Quite Yet (Awful MIDI)

I had lunch with spillourguts earlier today. Good times. I should do that again more often. I feel like I have this weird sort of friendship with her that's unlike any other friend I have, except for maybe jra1279, but only in that it's indescribably different from any other friendship. Just these little niches in my social space that I once never even suspected were there, but I'm glad to have them filled by interesting, intelligent, and thoughtful people.

Speaking of which, hey andrew and julia, I may actually have an excuse to visit yale some time reasonably soon. Carsten (my advisor's former student) wants me to come up and visit.
Tags: abc, midi, music, social

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    Playing around with the agda javascript backend, now. Like, my ears are popping from the sudden change of type-theory-pressure.

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    Trying to understand in general what kind of diagrammatic interactions between degree-three nodes actually read sensibly in the lambda calculus:

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    Not sure this is the simplest possible inverse (or even that it is correct) but it makes for a fun diagram:

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