Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Hooray, the girl called after all. So we'll be getting some music action together next week hopefully.

Speaking of music, I listened to a whole bunch today. Mirah had three opening acts; Amy Vogelzang played keyboard and sang. The singing was a bit cliche angry-womyn-folk-signer-like with the snarling and the rhotacizedness, which I liked, but tom7 not so much. The next two acts were both solo artists with plural band names: The Weeds was in fact Mirah's sister, who went on and on with this one extremely tedious and aggravating song that did the same (at first lovely) I-IV-I-IV thing that REM's "Everybody Hurts" does except she never did anything else. It is an extended moment of pure joy for me in the REM song when the IV drops down through the iii to the ii and bounces back and forth between the ii and V a couple times to build up the tension before resolving. The worst kind of song is the one that is ready to burst out rocking at any moment and never does, argh.

Anyway. The third act was the Lovers, another woman with a guitar, but an acoustic one this time and more thickly strummy music, lots of motion musically, and less stoned-sounding singing. I liked it a lot and bought a CD. I'm sorry, fictional Onion physics chick, I'm totally dumping you for Carolyn Berk. Our fictional love is 4eva.

Mirah herself was quite good. Her first song went along simply for a little while, made me think that it ought to burst out rocking at any moment, and then it did. See? It isn't that hard to do. Several other good songs in the set, not that I recognized any of them, which heather and tom seemed to, having heard her live a couple times before. All in all a fine evening.
Tags: memorable, music
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