Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had a meeting with Frank in which we went over my code for my research project. Lesson learned: good god I can't program for shit. Still, I need to finish this project up somehow. Grah.

Have been making some progress on some theoretical side-projects, though... still thinking about how exactly to do proof irrelevance in kw's canonical-forms-only style, and also about non-interference proofs for this index monad access control logic that frank came up with.

It's Valentine's day, true enough, but my bitterness levels are unperturbed. I'm fucking lonely in n different ways and the calendar has nothing to do with it. Besides the obvious romantic sort, lately I really crave someone I can play music with and really get into it. Nearly everyone I've had the chance to play with just, you know, plays. Ann Lewis is the only exception I can remember. We really fucking rocked out. It was fun. I miss that. Which isn't to say that everyone else I've played with has no soul, but that at least there were major obstacles in difference of style or lack of skill on my part or something.

And much like I don't really know ahead of time what criteria would be the right ones to look for to help me find a person that would click with me relationship-wise, I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for musically. At least someone with a love of improvisation, but that's all I feel sure of. I used to feel that jazz was my thing in terms of what I like to play, but I'm not so sure now. A lot of jazz doesn't merely feel too hard for me to play (though that's certainly true of a lot of it) but... wrong. I don't know how to characterize the subset that feels right.
Tags: angst, jazz, math, music, piano, work

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