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[Feb. 12th, 2005|10:59 am]
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Yesterday: Got some work done, and then went on a spree of wasting time into the wee hours of the night in roughly 2 hour chunks. From 6-8 got some kazansky's and went to the monroeville mall with sally, bought a hat and gloves and other minor items. From 8-10 listened to the CMU Jazz band's concert. Good stuff, but I still have a hard time getting into all the brass instruments and such. The ideal of jazz for me is bass, drums, piano, and maybe one or two other solo instruments. Actually, now that I think about it, I should, among the people playing last night, especially complement maxim's job on the flute and whoever it was on the violin. They had some pretty awesome solos. I don't think anyone in the rhythm section got the chance to take much of a solo the whole night, which was sad. Anyway, I remain ever more secure in my conviction that the blues form itself is, however simple that it is, like, one of the greatest musical achievements of humanity.

From 10-12 I headed over to the OSC drill deck with music buzzing in my head wanting to play the piano there and found some other guy doing the same thing. So we dorked out over chord changes and he taught me a few more bits of how to play the early part of "paranoid android". Around midnight my fingers gave up and I left for home, but on the way ran into william lovas at the UC and he convinced me to go see the McConomy showing of "National Treasure". It was cheesy, but a fine bit of ridiculous entertainment for my dollar.

[User Picture]From: mad_and_crazy
2005-02-13 11:21 am (UTC)
What you have to remember is that you and I don't actually come from traditional jazz backgrounds. I think that the jazz that we listen to, play, and are influenced by, is more stripped down than traditional jazz; this is certainly true in the case of the stuff that *I* listen to, namely Medeski, Martin and Wood, Chick Corea, etc. All that great keys-driven stuff. But how much of it is jazz, I wonder?

If you listen to any really OLD jazz, circa the 1920's, it was all very orchestral. There's a reason why they call it the Count Basie Orchestra, y'know. Maybe this is more of a Swing tradition.

And yes, the Blues form rocks. We also ought to talk some time about fonts for videogames; do you have an IM client I can reach you on?
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