Jason (jcreed) wrote,

That collections agency called me again this morning. This time the representative was not a gruff and impatient sounding old curmudgeon of a guy but a woman who sounded like she could be younger than me. From the fact that they've had to call me again, it seems like there is some inefficiency in the process. I hope there's not actually a problem that I have to correct still.
"Yes, you have a debt owed to [I can hear her squinting] Doo... Kwez... Nee..."
[Cheerfully:] "Hi, yeah, that's Duquense. ["Dookane"] Eighty-three dollars. You guys called me yesterday [ideally I should have gone with "yinz gahz called me yesserdee an'nat"] and I paid it off already."
"Huh? How did you pay it off?"
"I called Duquesne directly and paid with a credit card."
"Okay, I guess they haven't got in touch with us yet."
"Alright, well, I've paid it."
"Ok, goodbye."
Tags: bills

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