Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Thinking ahead to the fact that I would like the next N conferencesque talks I have to give (particularly on my mind lately is the speaking skills graduation requirement) to not be the same old clunky SliTeX affairs that I usually cobble together, I decided to again invoke the time-honoured principle of Steal All of Tom7's Good Ideas and look more seriously into learning enough flash to make "slides".

Using another principle, to wit, Steal All of Adam's Good Habits, I am carefully reading the "manual", in this case the Flash 7 File Format Spec. You might think that this information is useless for actually using the Flash authoring software, and you might also think that only a complete looney would try writing their own software, I'm enjoying seeing the guts of the system from the bottom up. The spec is written very much with an eye towards the history of its own evolution. It's also an object lesson in why language design by people who have only approximately the faintest idea of what they're doing, and probably a committee or two of them at that, leads to amusing results if you're an academic PL wank like myself.
Tags: flash, programming languages, talks

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